Blade 2 Blade is searching for Abraham Whistler’s mentor in Prague. After being killed and attacked by Deacon Frost, he was believed dead. Blade, who had been assaulted and killed by Deacon Frost, was believed to be dead. He’s a fan of hip-hop.

A pandemic has transformed vampires into “Reapers” which are primal, mutant vampires with an appetite for blood, and an infectious bite that can transform vampires and humans alike. To fight the Reapers vampire overlord Eli Damaskinos dispatches his minions, Asad, and daughter Nyssa to make peace with Blade who has a reluctant alliance with vampires. The Bloodpack is an elite group composed of vampires that were originally designed to kill Blade. Asad, Nyssa and Reinhardt are among the Bloodpack together with Chupa (Snowman, Priest), Verlaine, Chupa, Chupa, Snowman and Priest. Reinhardt is averse to Blade and asks him to fight, but in response, Blade implants an explosive inside his head to ensure he is on track.

If they go to the vampire club, they discover that the Reapers are invulnerable to most of the vampire weaknesses. They escape with ultraviolet lamps. Blade defeats Nomak who is immune to Blade’s weapons. When the sun rises, Nomak retreats and Whistler returns, and discloses that he discovered the Reaper nest in the sewer. Nyssa looks at the bodies of the Reaper, and discovers that their bodies are lined with bone that is durable. Recognizing that UV radiation is their primary weakness, Scud and Whistler make UV weapons for the team , in along with a UV emitting weapon strong enough to destroy the whole nest.

The group grows into the Reaper nest. Lighthammer transforms into a Reaper and eliminates Snowman. Verlaine gives her life to help Lighthammer. Reinhardt sprays Chupa with the Reaper Phenomine. The horde is enticed by the spray and destroys Chupa and Whistler is able to escape. Asad and Nyssa get attacked by the Reapers and Asad is killed. Blade saves Nyssa and then utilizes the UV bomb to kill all the Reapers including Nomak. Reinhardt and Nyssa are able to escape the blast, but Nyssa is severely wounded. Blade is then able to allow Nyssa to drink his blood, allowing him to survive.

Damaskinos has a plan to take captive Blade, Whistler and Scud. The truth is revealed: the Reapers result from Damaskinos’ efforts to engineer an improved breed of vampires. Damaskinos believes Nomak is Damaskinos’s first Reaper. Blade thinks he’s not qualified to be a candidate since Blade is unable to see light. Scud then discovers that Blade is one Damaskinos familiars. Reinhardt escapes Blade by releasing Whistler from close to dying. Blade is then placed in Damaskinos blood pool to replenish his strength and defeat Reinhardt.

Nomak is forced to join DamaskinosStronghold to retaliate against his father. Nyssa betrays Damaskinos through closing off their path of escape to the heliport. Damaskinos is killed by Nomak who does not deal with Nomak. Nomak then attacks Nyssa drinking her blood. Blade and Nomak fight in a fight, and Blade is wounded by Nomak in the weakest spot. After completing his revenge, and determined to end his suffering, Nomak kills himself with Blade’s sword. In fulfillment of Nyssa’s dream to die a vampire, Blade walks her out and embraces her while her body begins to disintegrate due to the sun’s rising

Blade 2 เบลด 2 (2002) นักล่าพันธุ์อมตะ

Blade 2


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